PHY C2: Errors & Uncertainties

Today we’ll be covering:

  • Accuracy & Precision
  • Uncertainty & Errors
  • Systematic & Random Errors
  • Absolute, Fractional, Percentage Uncertainties
  • Uncertainty in Derived Quantities

Let’s get down to business.
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PHY C2: Measurements

The syllabus requires us to know about:

  • Instruments
    • Lengths: rulers, calipers and micrometers
    • Weight & Mass: balances
    • Angles: protractor
    • Time: clocks, stopwatches & CRO Time-Base
    • Temperature: thermometer
    • Ammeters, Voltmeters & Galvanometers
    • CROs
    • Magnetic Field Strength: Hall Probe
  • Analogue scales & digital displays
  • Calibration curves

I’ll only cover the last 2 sub-topics, as the instruments are quite straightforward in operation. Perhaps later I’ll edit this post & explain those. For now,

Let’s jump in.

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