Welcome to my little collection of notes & reflections on what I’ve learnt.
Here, I will be making summaries of each topic as I study them, as an exercise for myself.

Here’s a rough outline of how I’ll be explaining each topic:

First, I’ll start off with a brief INTRODUCTION & RUNDOWN of the subtopics as highlighted by the syllabus.

Then, each piece of knowledge will be indicated by a HEADER, followed by a QUESTION.
The EXPLANATION for each question will follow.

After each piece of knowledge has been covered, I’ll go through the APPLICATION of said knowledge (which constitutes of necessary factoids, effects, or workings covered in the syllabus).

Throughout the explanations, I will try & RELATE the topic to other topics, facts or phenomena that will help us connect the dots to form a bigger picture – and hopefully, a more complete understanding of our Universe. These parts (in purple) may not necessarily be required knowledge for A-Levels exams, but they’re cool things to know about.

If there are still some parts of the topic I have yet to fully grasp, I’ll list down a bunch of QUESTIONS I HAVE in red. Later on, I might edit the post & add the answers once I figure them out, or add links to other topics which clear out the confusion.

A short SUMMARY of the subtopics would be necessary at the end of each post; this helps us organise our knowledge better.

I may also add links OTHER RESOURCES (videos, games, articles, interactive simulations) which go a long way in visualising & rooting concepts in our minds!

I may occasionally make a few errors (whether in typing, or in my understanding of the topic); if so, please comment under the post!

Hopefully this will be a learning experience – for both me & you, dear reader.
I have no guarantees if I’ll be able to sustain this project throughout my studies, but let’s see how it goes.

Happy Learning!


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